What Size Do You Need?

With the numerous amount of sizes available, it is normal for those who have never stored items before to
be presented with challenges when determining the size you may need. If you have an idea of what you will be storing, or use our handy the guide estimator below to help determine what size you will need to hold the contents you will be storing with us. If you still have questions, feel free to call us and one of our managers will help you determine the perfect size unit.

Please note, you will need exact measurements of your vehicle, boat and/or trailer from the front of the vehicle/trailer in order to make sure that you meet the clearance requirements to avoid damage to your vehicle and the building.

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A 20x30 is approximately 600 square feet of space and is the perfect size unit for commercial storage
with vehicles. Perfect for use as warehouse space, and storing company vehicles. Alternatively, a
20x30 unit can hold the contents of a large 5 bedroom home, appliances, patio furniture,
playground, and vehicles.